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Date: 2015-09-19 Time: 1:00 – 4:00 PM
Location: Hanqi Investment Inc., 1633 Bayshore Highway Suite 280 Burlingame, CA 94010
Over the past few years, there have been remarkable advances in DNA detection and sequencing technologies that enabled faster and better diagnostics developed for liquid biopsies. Liquid biopsies have now emerged as promising tools that are safer and cheaper than traditional tissue biopsies to survey health and disease state. For the first time, we are now able to obtain a wealth of information from blood and urine derived circulating DNA fragments that could revolutionize research and patient care. Began with prenatal screening, these technologies now allow physicians to make early disease diagnosis, monitor progression, and predict treatment benefits. This workshop will be led by founders and leaders of many prominent companies which have pioneered the frontiers of peripheral monitoring. We will discuss the science and applications behind these novel technologies as well as the trials and tribulations of building a life science start-up.


1:00 – 1:25 pm Registration, networking, workshop introduction
1:25 – 1:50 pm Mike Schwartz, Co-founder and VP of Marketing, Fluxion Biosciences
Liquid biopsy innovations for oncology using sequencing of circulating tumor cells
1:50 – 2:15 pm Paul Tang, Co-founder, AccuraGen
Realizing the fantasy of liquid biopsy
2:15 – 2:40 pm Mojgan Haddad, former Sr. Director, Bioinformatics and Analytics, Health Tell
HIV Drug Resistance Diagnostics: Path of Discovery to Clinical Application
2:40 – 3:00 pm Break
3:00 – 3:25 pm John Waldeisen, Co-founder and CEO, DiAssess
My Life as an Entrepreneur
3:25 – 3:50 pm Nikolay Sergeev, R & D leader, Natera
Applications of Massively-Multiplexed PCR for Liquid Biopsy
3:50 – 4:00 pm Wrap-up

Speaker Profiles
Michael Schwartz, Co-Founder and VP, Marketing, Fluxion Biosciences
Michael co-founded Fluxion Biosciences in 2006 to commercialize novel microfluidic technology for clinical diagnostic applications. As VP Marketing, he has led the commercial and product strategies for several product lines, including the IsoFlux System for liquid biopsy applications. Prior to Fluxion, he held product management and development roles with Advanced Stent Technologies (acquired by Boston Scientific), Converge Medical, and Biocardia (IPO pending). Michael holds a MS in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University, and a BS in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley. He holds 10 patents and has authored numerous publications in the field of oncology diagnostics.

Paul Tang, PhD, Co-Founder, AccuraGen, Inc
Dr. Tang co-founded AccuraGen in 2013, together with a group of fellow scientists in the Bay area, to improve rare allele detection in circulating cell-free DNA. Prior to embarking on this venture, Dr. Tang was a technical lead at the Genomics Core Facility at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), where he contributed to an early foundation of Genomics Medicine Initiative at UCSF, led by Dr. Bob Nussbaum. From 2010-2013, when he was a postdoc at Dr. Pui-Yan Kwok lab at UCSF, he has co-authored more than 10 peer reviewed papers in reputed journals, utilizing a variety of genomic technologies to understand different human diseases. Dr. Tang holds a B.S. in Bioinformatics and PhD in Genetics from the University of Hong Kong.

Mojgan Haddad, PhD
Dr. Haddad held the position of Senior Director, Bioinformatics and Analytics at HealthTell, Inc. Prior to that, Mojgan served in various roles at Monogram Biosciences, a LabCorp company, including Director of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, and Director of Software Engineering, from 2000 to 2013. Mojgan received her PhD in Computer Science and Medical Informatics from Vienna University of Technology in Austria, and performed her postdoctoral study at UCSF in the area of Mathematical and Computational Biology. Dr. Haddad serves as an editor for a few journals, and has published extensively in the area of data science for virology, oncology, and personalized medicine.

John R. Waldeisen, PhD; CEO & Co-founder, Diassess Inc.
John is a co-founder of Diassess, a molecular diagnostic startup developing the next generation of rapid DNA testing. Since the founding of the company in 2013, John has led the company through technology development, organized on-going clinical studies with local hospitals, negotiated with strategic partners, and has raised significant VC funding for Diassess. John graduated summa cum laude from Penn State University and received his PhD in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley. He has 10 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 5 pending patents, and co-authored more than $3.5M in diagnostic grants from the Gates Foundation, DARPA, NIH, and NSF over the past 6 years. He is a StartX and YCombinator alumnus.

Nikolay Sergeey, PhD. R&D Leader, Natera
As a leader in the field of NGS method development for liquid biopsy and molecular diagnostics, Dr. Sergeev has served as the leader of Research and Development at Natera since 2014. Prior to joining Natera, Dr. Sergeev was responsible for development, clinical validation, and the launching of automated workflow for the Guardant360 test. Between 2002 and 2012, Dr. Sergeev held several leadership roles in Government and Industry, including Biosensors Laboratory Leader at the FDA/CDRH, Senior Staff Scientist at Life Technologies, and Principal Scientist at New Venture Strategies Inc. Nikolay holds a MS in Biotechnology and a PhD in Bioorganic Chemistry from a leading research institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences. He has authored more than 15 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters and holds multiple patents related to sample preparation and advanced molecular methods.

Registration Requirement:
Online Registration:

Organizers: CABS Science & Technology Committee

Co-Organizer: AMATA











老地方——CFLD孵化器,1172 castro street, Mountain View, CA, 不见不散!

赵威(Bill Zhao),做老实人,办老实事儿,说老实话,帮老实人,江湖人称“赵老实”……

1ST IPO Capital(先发资本)创始合伙人、远见教育管理集团创始人兼旗下商学院CEO、美国咨询公司EDG(企业发展集团)合伙人、若水合投俱乐部硅谷早期会员、AMATA美国医学技术协会董事、中欧战略营销俱乐部创始发起人兼联席秘书长。

于荷兰Nyenrode 大学开始Ph D之旅(研究市场营销学与金融学之交叉学科);此前,曾先后就获得南开大学经济学学士、中欧国际工商学院Executive MBA;证券、期货与金融衍生品研究生。


2012年初,他跟随Ph D导师——世界著名战略与市场营销学大师Dr. Willem Burgers教授投身教育与咨询,与世界一流教授们一起,为大约3000名企业高管人员提供管理教育;为阿里巴巴、网易、步步高、OPPO、vivo、GE、诺和诺德、赛诺菲、合生元、创维、TCL、天虹商场、丹麦Nyt医院、San Jose Unified School District、加州大学伯克利分校、梅塞尔、北京银行、工商银行、民生银行、平安银行、招商银行等提供过咨询或培训服务;他对互联网、消费电子、医药医疗、金融行业有优质的人脉以及深入的洞察。



Mobile: +1-650-862-8052


时间:4/16日晚 7:00-9:00PM

地点:1172 Castro st, Mountain View, CA (华夏幸福创业资本孵化器 CFLD incubator)

主办: 美国医学技术协会(AMATA, 硅谷创客俱乐部, 山西同乡会

场地赞助: 华夏幸福创业资本孵化器


Molecular Diagnostics: Technology Development, Applications and Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Molecular Diagnostics: Technology Development, Applications and Entrepreneurial Opportunities


CABS Science Committee, Business and Career Development Committee (CABS),

American Medicine And Technology Association (AMATA)


Society of Chinese American Physician Entrepreneurs (SCAPE)


Do you know molecular diagnostics is essential to personalized and precision medicine?

Do you know Bay Area is the key center of technology innovation of molecular diagnostics?

Do you know what the latest technology of molecular diagnostics and their applications are?

Do you know how the future of molecular diagnostics is going to be?

Do you want to seek funding for your startups in deep science and technology?

Come to this event and you will learn a lot.

Time: April 18th, Saturday afternoon, 1.30-5pm;

Venue: CFLD Capital, 1172 Castro Street, Mountain View

Register: Click Here


1.30-2 pm registration;

2-2.30 pm keynote speech by Ron Davis;

2.30-3.30 pm panel discussion;

3.30-5 pm networking.


Students and Postdocs: $5, online registration; $10, onsite registration.

$10, online registration; $20, onsite registration.


Ann Mongan (Moderator), Associate Director of Thermo Fisher Scientific


Ron Davis (Keynote Speaker), Professor of Biochemistry and Genetics at Stanford, Director of Genome Technology Center,

Dongliang Ge, Director of Bioinformatics at Gilead,

Tao Huang, Venture Partner of Cenova Ventures,

Yongming Andrew Sun, Senior Staff Bioinformatics Scientist at Ion Torrent,

Lisheng Wang, Co-founder of Propel(X),

Wei Zhou, President and CEO of Centrillion Biosciences,


Ronald W. Davis (Keynote Speaker), Ph.D., Professor of Biochemistry and Genetics at the Stanford School of Medicine in Stanford, California. He was elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences in 1983. He is a world leader in the development of biotechnology, especially the development of recombinant DNA and genomic methodologies and their application to biological systems. At Stanford University, where he is Director of the Stanford Genome Technology Center, Dr. Davis focuses on the interface of nano-fabricated solid state devices and biological systems. He and his research team also develop novel technologies for the genetic, genomic, and molecular analysis of a wide range of model organisms as well as humans. The team’s focus on practical application of these technologies is setting the standard for clinical genomics.

Dongliang Ge, Ph.D., Director of Bioinformatics at Gilead Sciences after being Assistant Professor at Duke University. Named by the Genome Technology magazine as “rising stars” in 2009, his work predicting hepatitis C treatment response with IL28B genetic variants, published in Nature, has been commercialized and cited over 2000 times.He received his PhD in Biostatistics and Genetic Epidemiology from Peking Union Medical College and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing.

Tao Huang, Ph.D., Venture Partner, internal legal and IP counsel of Cenova Ventures. At Cenova, Dr. Huang oversees IP strategy for portfolio companies. Prior to Cenova, Dr. Huang was an attorney at several prestigious law firms in the US, including Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati and Morgan Lewis & Bockius. He has provided legal representation to several notable business transactions, including Takeda’s licensing and collaboration deal with Alnylam relating to RNAi therapeutics (valued at $1 billion, with $100 million up-front fee), Ion Torrent’s acquisition by Life Technologies ($375 million), and QuantaLife’s acquisition by Bio-Rad Laboratories ($162million).  Dr. Huang received a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Peking Union Medical College/Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School and his post-doctoral training in molecular biology and biochemistry from Princeton University.  

Yongming Andrew Sun, Ph.D., Sr Staff Bioinformatics Scientist at Ion Torrent, part of Life Technologies. Ion Torrent is a pioneer in using semiconductor technology in DNA sequencing. He is working in the development of sequencing applications, working with collaborators in applying Ion Torrent Semi-conductor sequencing technologies in research, diagnostics, and health care. Prior to Ion Torrent, he worked in Life Technologies for 6 years in the area of microarray and next-generation sequencing where he participated in international projects (such MAQC microarray, 1000 Genomes Project). Prior to Life Technologies, he led bioinformatics effort in biomarker identification at diaDexus, a joint venture between Glaxo-SmithKline and Incyte. He has Ph.D. in Medical and Molecular Genetics from Indiana University.

Lisheng Wang Co-Founder of Prople(X), Investor Development.Lisheng has a background of 15 years in financial services, management consulting, and IT. His resume includes risk management at Wells Fargo, corporate strategy at KeyBank, consulting at The World Bank and Public Strategies, and software engineering at Microsoft. Lisheng co-founded the MIT Alumni Angels Group with Swati, where he currently serves on the steering committee. Lisheng has an M.S. in Technology and Policy from MIT and a B.S. in Chemistry from Fudan University in China.

Wei Zhou, Ph.D., J.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Centrillion Biosciences. Dr. Zhou founded Centrillion to address critical technology issues in genomics.  Prior to founding Centrillion, he was a partner at the technology law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. He first joined Affymetrix (NASDAQ: AFFX) while he was a student at Stanford and contributed significantly to Affymetrix’ intellectual property portfolio. He later rejoined Affymetrix and served as vice president of intellectual property and advanced technology until 2008. He was also credited for building Affymetrix’ rapidly growing China business and for establishing a number of translational medicine and biochip service centers in China.

Dr. Zhou received his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech, his postdoctoral training from Emory University Medical School and his J.D. from Stanford University Law School. He is also a graduate of Harvard Business School’s General Management Program.








且慢! 你们真的了解市场了吗? 你们真的了解如何把你们天才的产品在真实残酷的市场上进行销售? “赵老实” 有话对你们说.


3/19日晚 7:00-9:00PM 美国医学技术协会(AMATA和 硅谷最具人气的硅谷创业者联盟(SVACE) 联手Wade邀请沙场老将赵老实给创业小伙伴们讲述:



时间:3/19日晚 7:00-9:00PM

地点:1172 Castro st, Mountain View, CA (华夏幸福创业资本孵化器 CFLD incubator)

主办: 美国医学技术协会(AMATA),硅谷最具人气的硅谷创业者联盟(SVACE), Wade 大侠

赞助: 华夏幸福创业资本孵化器



  • 变化篇——移动互联带来的机遇和挑战
  • 不变篇——市场营销之道,普世的营销观
  • 干货篇——解决之路以及案例分享


赵威(Bill Zhao),做老实人,办老实事儿,说老实话,帮老实人,江湖人称“赵老实”……

远见教育管理集团创始人兼北欧国际管理学院CEO、美国咨询公司EDG(企业发展集团)合伙人、1ST IPO Capital(先发资本)创始合伙人、美微传媒(中国第一个众筹公众公司)的主要股东、AMATA美国医学技术协会董事、于荷兰Nyenrode 大学开始Ph D之旅(研究市场营销学与金融学之交叉学科);曾先后就获得南开大学经济学学士、中欧国际工商学院ExecutiveMBA;证券、期货与金融衍生品研究生(师从中国期货之父常清教授)。也是中欧战略营销俱乐部创始发起人兼联席秘书长。


2012年初,他跟随Ph D导师——世界著名战略与市场营销学大师Dr.Willem Burgers教授投身教育与咨询,与世界一流教授们一起,为大约3000名企业高管人员提供管理教育;为阿里巴巴、网易、步步高、OPPO、vivo、GE、诺和诺德、赛诺菲、合生元、创维、TCL、天虹商场、丹麦Nyt医院、San Jose Unified School District、加州大学伯克利分校、梅塞尔、北京银行、工商银行、民生银行、平安银行、招商银行等提供过咨询或培训服务;他对互联网、消费电子、医药医疗、金融行业有优质的人脉以及深入的洞察。






硅谷创业者联盟 — “让靠谱的人实现梦想”

硅谷创业者联盟是硅谷最具人气的创客社区,致力于帮助专业人士链接资源,合作共享,实现职业及创业梦想。打造硅谷地区最具影响力的华人线上线下专业社区,成为华人在硅谷资源融通的第一平台, 及中国在硅谷与世界链接的Hub。目前已加盟3,000多名海内外华人创业者、投资者、科技从业者及相关周边人群。


       - 创业讲堂
       - 路演大会
       - 创业项目闭门展示会
       - 垂直领域专业沙龙
       - 职业发展讲堂
       - 私董会


美国医学技术协会第40期活动 2015年2月27日 美国医学技术协会与中关村健康医疗服务创新产业技术联盟合办的中关村全球移动健康医疗创业大赛硅谷项目发布会现场热烈交流。中国驻旧金山总领事馆领事徐鹏辉, 国际技术转移协作网络秘书长 张璋, 瀚海硅谷科技园总裁 陆蓉蓉, 慈铭健康体检集团 CEO 韩小红 精彩致辞。多家知名投资机构也参与了此次活动,包括绿桥资本,启明创投,未銘资本,金浦投资,赛伯乐投资,和君资本。随后的pannel discussion, 协会代表王路,张抗,方晰,王飞,肖丹一道对于医疗市场技术进入了深入的讨论。




中关村全球移动健康医疗创业大赛硅谷项目发布会,将于2月27日,周五在瀚海硅谷科技园举办。中关村全球移动健康医疗创业大赛是全球首届以 “云健康医疗 ” 为主题的在垂直领域深度展开的创业大赛。本次在瀚海硅谷科技园举行的项目发布会将会吸纳来自美国的移动健康医疗项目,交流创业经验,了解美国移动医疗产业发展现状,同时扩大大赛在美国的知名度和影响力,并选取优秀项目在4月举办的“中关村全球移动健康医疗创业大赛国际项目合作对接会暨2015中国(北京)跨国技术转移大会优秀项目推荐会”上进行路演,与国内项目需求方、投资公司等相关企业机构进行对接。


瀚海智业着力构建”全球孵化,跨境加速”的国际化科技服务平台。在国内,先后建立了5家国家级科技孵化器,拥有30万平米的科技园区,链接全球创新资源,实现跨境加速。在国外,先后建立并运营了中美园区、中德园区、中加园区等,不断探索并引领着中国科技孵化器国际化发展。瀚海硅谷科技园坐落于美国高新技术产业和高端人才的聚集地—硅谷,占地面积25亩,建筑面积8000平方米。该园区致力于促进  “引进来”和”走出去”相结合,旨在搭建中美科技、人才、文化交流平台。


国际技术转移协作网络(ITTN)是致力于促进国际技术转移合作与国际创新合作的专业组织,通过联合国内外知名专业技术转移与创新服务机构携手开展工作,目前已与15 个国家的200 多个国际技术转移机构建立了长期合作关系,作为对外推动国际技术转移与创新合作的合作、交流平台,服务并支撑北京市科委国际合作处部分重点工作。ITTN同时也服务于上海、贵阳、福建、广州、深圳、香港等地地方科技主管部门,设有上海、贵阳分中心,近期还将在福建、香港设立分中心。

主办方: 中关村健康医疗服务创新产业技术联盟/ 国际技术转移协作网络(ITTN)

承办方: 北京万玉合投资咨询有限公司

承办方: 北京万玉合投资咨询有限公司

支持单位: 中关村管委会/ 瀚海硅谷科技园/ 美国医学技术协会(AMATA)

全程支持及主要赞助商: 慈铭健康体检管理集团股份有限公司

专业背景支持: 美国哈佛大学/ 美国斯坦福大学/ 清华大学医学院/ 中国医师协会健康管理分会

参与单位: 慈铭体检/ 普天信息/ 同仁堂健康/ 人保健康险/ 集奥聚合/ 卡联科技/ 博奥生物

投资机构: 绿桥资本/ 启明创投/ 未銘资本/ 金浦投资/ 赛伯乐投资/ 和君资本


2月27日 (星期五), 下午 14:00-17:00



97 E. Brokaw Rd, Suite 210, San Jose, CA, 95112  


14:00-14:30   Check-in, Networking

14:30-14:40   开场 & 美国外方代表致辞

中国驻旧金山总领事馆  领事: 徐鹏辉

14:40-14:45   国际技术转移协作网络代表致辞

国际技术转移协作网络 (ITTN)  秘书长: 张璋

14:45-14:50   瀚海硅谷科技园领导致辞

瀚海硅谷科技园  总裁: 陆蓉蓉

14:50-15:00   中关村全球移动健康医疗创业大赛代表致辞

慈铭健康体检集团 CEO: 韩小红

15:00-15:40   移动医疗健康项目Demo

  • VimoFit
  • Sensilk
  • MetronForce 
  • 可优智能云健康

15:40-16:00   Digital Health Panel Discussion

  • Moderator:

    Sageland Technologies,

    Founder and CEO: 王路

  • 华米科技,  Chief Scientist of  Healthcare​; 美国医学技术协会​智能传感委员会 组长: 王飞
  • Sutter Health Peninsula Coastal Region, Regional IT Manager: 张抗
  • Google 软件工程师; 美国医学技术协会医学数据委员会 组长: 方晰

16:00-17:00   Networking


  • 中华人民共和国科学技术部 中国生产力促进中心协会  副秘书长: 李惠敏
  • 中关村发展集团海外发展部 总监: 罗伟
  • 三星美国研究中心, Technology Scouting Group, Manager: David He
  • 华融融德资产管理有限公司  董事: 刘学德
  • 开物投资  合伙人: 刘千叶
  • 千骥创投  风险合伙人、法务总监: 黄涛
  • IPV Capital , Venture Partner: 赵铁民
  • Continua康体佳联盟  Associate Director: Hector Lui
  • 乔松健康管家  创始人: 陈志刚

Happy Chinese New Year (新年快乐)!









    在过去的2014年,我们踏实地发展组织, 用心地为会员提供服务。 我们在硅谷举办了38次医学与技术的交流讲座,话题涉及广泛, 从可穿戴设备到医疗大数据, 到医用器械, 甚至是商业模式的探讨, 不胜枚举。活动吸引了累计1300人次的现场参与,11000人次的网上互动与关注。在协会微信群,LinkedIn group等公众平台上, 持续更新的行业信息也引发大家热烈的反响和讨论。专业技术委员会也举办了多次闭门深入技术讨论。多个新创企业获得了协会各个方面的帮助。我们会一如既往的关注着新创企业孵化,努力帮助致力创业的朋友们,尽力为他们提供技术,财务,法律,投资等各类咨询和资源,希望那些梦想有一天能改变世界的技术茁壮成长起来。我们开展了多个项目,以期帮助中美之间的技术交流,项目对接,和资源整合。我们也在尝试推动国内医疗工作者来美访问培训的工作,愿为渴求进步的医疗同仁们伸以援手,促进医疗和医疗技术的交流和发展。

如果您是我们志同道合的朋友, 如果您希望获得资源, 不论您身处何地,请加入我们。美国医学技术协会将继续极尽所能, 竭诚为您服务, 共创辉煌。





易观相对论(第69期)首次在海外举办,合作伙伴是海纳百川和美国医学技术协会, 欢迎参加&活动具体信息如下:
时间: 2月15日下午2-5点
2:00-2:20 Registration&Networking
2:20-2:30 简单致辞(易观国际创始人于扬先生,美国医学协会会长刘勇先生和海纳百川发起人郑飞君博士)
2:30-3:00 主题报告1–用大数据之眼看透中国互联网市场 (易观国际副总裁–刘怡女士)
3:00-3:25 主题报告2–什么是数据科学家 (谷歌大数据科学家–毕树超博士)
3:25-3:50 主题报告3–大数据与医疗健康(谷歌大数据语义分析专家–方晰博士)
3:50-4:15 主题报告4–Harness Big Data for Business Intelligence (Adobe大数据专家–张镭博士)
4:15-5:00 自由讨论

地点: 97 E Brokaw RD, San Jose, CA, 95112 (Hanhai Z-Park 三楼)
报名链接 易观相对论之硅谷大数据论坛

1. 刘怡,易观国际高级副总裁/易观智库执行总裁。自易观国际开展分析师研究业务以来,她一直负责易观国际研究分析业务的发展策略、基础方法架构构建、分析产品的设计与改进、分析师培训与管理等核心能力构建工作。并带领分析师顾问业务快速发展。在她的带领下,易观国际研究分析业务覆盖更多领域,并研究开发了易观智库系列大数据分析产品。
2. 毕树超, 浙江大学理学学士 加州大学伯克利分校理学博士。专注大数据,大规模机器学习及其应用,互联网广告。目前就职于谷歌广告网络联盟部。他也是海纳百川创业平台核心成员。
3. 方晰, 计算机科学博士,现就职于谷歌。方晰在博士期间曾三次获得IEEE最佳论文奖;其学术论文被广泛引用千余次。方晰曾就职于微软总部,是微软第一套基于公有云的大数据计算平台的核心研发团队成员。方晰目前也致力于智慧医疗和大数据的整合研究,他同时是美国医学技术协会信息技术总监和医学数据技术委员会工作组组长。
4. 张镭,计算机科学博士,现Adobe公司计算科学家。在web mining, data mining, machine learning, natural language processsing and information retrieval等方向有多年学术/研发经验。
易观智库 (

How to Grow a start-up business into a mainstream market

10/24/2014: How to Grow a start-up business into a mainstream market

Fast Growing Bussiness

Topic of the talk:

In this talk, Professor Roger discussed the strategies of relying upon well-established wisdom in silicon for entrepreneurial companies to search for new customers, cross the growth chasm and establish business in mainstream market.

Prof. Roger Chen’s brief Bio:

Prof. Roger Chen is a tenured full professor at University of San Francisco, and an adjunct professor of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is the founding co-editor of the Journal of Asia Business Studies and a consulting vice president of Silicon Valley Business Forum (SBF) SBF Inc.  Professor Chen is also an expert advisor at the post-doctor research group of China Merchant Group (中国招商集团). His expertise is in Strategy, Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and has done executive training and consulting for many companies, including Lenovo, Toshiba, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) of Japan, Panasonic, Intel, Bank of China (Hong Kong), Michelin, Tyco Electronics, CITIC Pacific, Li Ning, etc.




AMATA is hosting an event “ipreCare life-sensing health monitoring platform introduction”

11/28/2014: ipreCare life-sensing health monitoring platform introduction
Healthcare Wearables – Revolution or Hype?
Some said that wearable devices are going to transform the medical care industry in unimagined ways, turning science fiction in reality.
-   ABI Research (Allied Business Intelligence Inc) has projected that by 2016, wearable wireless medical device sales will reach more than 100 million devices annually.
-   Senior analyst at IMS Research said that the market for wearable technologies in healthcare “is projected to exceed $2.9 billion in 2016, accounting for at least half of all wearable technology sales.”
Others said that healthcare wearables are overly hyped, and will eventually face their reality checks.
-   Juniper Research over in the UK was putting out a report forecasting that fitness devices, not true health monitors would “dominate the wearables market” worldwide until at least 2018;
-   According to Juniper Research: “Counting steps is all very well, but will not keep consumers interested unless that information can be contextualized and made useful for them”;
-   Surveys have shown that half who use mobile fitness trackers to keep tabs on their workouts or diets stop using the programs within six months;
-   Even industry insider, like Dr. Matt Patterson, president of AirStrip Technologies, a San Antonio-based maker of mobile patient monitoring software, said “I can tell you right now doctors do not care about your Fitbit data.”
AMATA is hosting an event: “ipreCare life-sensing health monitoring platform introduction”, bringing you opportunities to get to the forefront of healthcare wearables industry and talk to the industry pioneers.

AMATA had the privilege to invite Wang Huang (黄汪), founder and CEO of HuaMi (华米科技) to introduce Mi Band (小米手环)

AMATA had the privilege to invite Wang Huang (黄汪), founder and CEO of HuaMi (华米科技) to introduce Mi Band (小米手环).



Xiaomi is the rising star of the smart phone industry. Founded in 2010, the company has already started to outsell Samsung in terms of number of smartphones sold in China. It had 5.3 percent of the global market in the third quarter of 2014, according to IDC (International Data Corporation). It ranks number 4, following Samsung, Apple and Lenovo. Fueled by its huge success in China, Xiaomi has set its sights on the big emerging markets. It’s already started selling in India and plans to push into Indonesia as well as parts of Latin America.

In September 2014, Xiaomi has launched a fitness tracker called the Mi Band joining in the fast-growing smart wearable market. Mi Band is a basic pedometer / sleep tracker that can be connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone.